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We are temporarily only buying Jewelry, Watches, Diamonds, Precious Stones, Coins, Gold, Silver, Precious Metals and Designer Luxury Goods and Items. We will post updates when our full range of services is available again. If you are interested in selling any of the above items please contact us. Thank You for your understanding.

Quick & Hassle Free

NJ Estate Buyers will expeditiously create a generous offer for the contents of your Estate. Save time while avoiding the stress and drama of the typical Estate Sale!

Free Appraisal

We will come to your home and perform a free appraisal of the desirable contents of the Estate. You are not obligated to sell to us and we always offer a great return!

Turn Stuff into Cash

Whether you are looking to declutter, move or sell the contents of your or a relative’s home, NJ Estate Buyers can help you today and turn your old and unwanted items into cash!

Sell Your Stuff to New Jersey Estate Buyers

Overwhelmed with the task of liquidating the contents of your home? We can help and offer you great value!

We are the NJ Estate Buyout Specialists!

Why an Estate Buyout?

There are many reasons why our clients consider an Estate Sale or Buyout and everyone’s circumstances are just as different as they are valid.

There are many businesses and groups that offer Estate Sales and liquidation services but far fewer who offer Estate Buyouts. We’ve built our business around those in need of an Estate Buyout; a streamlined transaction that has NJ Estate Buyers visit your Estate, create a fair and balanced appraisal and offer you a generous return on the entire contents of your Estate.
We’ll remove the contents of your home and give you Cash!

If you are not looking to sell the entire contents of your Estate but just some unwanted items, or articles of value, we are happy to buy these items from you! Appraisals are free and you are under no obligation to sell to us!
We are flexible in our approach and respond to each client’s individual needs.

  • Quick, Simple & Hassle Free

    Estate Buyouts are a far more efficient and hassle free transaction. Estate Sales are involved, take time, coordination and cost money.

  • Declutter

    You’ve amassed a bunch of things over the years that are just collecting dust. You are looking to declutter, have someone remove your unwanted items and receive CASH!

  • Non-Local

    If you do not live local to the Estate, in situations where you are selling a home or are responsible for selling a loved one’s estate, Estate Buyouts are incredibly convenient.

  • Cash Now

    There are many reasons why you may be looking for a quick infusion of cash and an Estate Buyout can provide great return on items you didn’t even know had value!

Antique Chair

What’s the value?

Do you have a number, or perhaps an entire house full of items, that you think may be worth something but aren’t really sure? We can help you assess the value of these items and offer you a great price in return.

In our experience, many customers do not have an accurate idea of what their belongings are worth, some vastly overestimate and most do not even realize the value of things they have sitting around or are looking to throw out! Before you perform that cleanout and literally throw money away, give us a call!

NJ Estate Buyers will perform a FREE Appraisal and offer to buy your Estate items of value! It’s quick, easy and honest. Give us a call today and set up an appointment with one of our representatives!

Have a Question?

If you have any questions about Estate Buyouts, Our Services or are ready to get started, just contact us!